1. August - 28. August
Leibnitz, Austria

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LAI continues to challenge and change many of the common views and ways, which wrongfully make Lieder either into the specialty of a highly educated elite or, the most damaging prejudice of all, the repertoire of beginning singers, who are not yet “ready for opera”. Lieder, if dealt with properly, are something quite different. As Jonas Kaufmann put it recently in an interview: “For me Lieder singing is the highest form of singing. Lieder singing is the ultimate anyone can do for their vocal health.”


At LAI we have experienced again and again with our singers and pianists: through the discovery and mastery of the poetic music, the Lieder become accessible in a new way. They are completely understood and experienced; the artists, from student to professional, become alive and creative, in every respect simply better, even technically. To the best of our knowledge, LAI is the only program, which, in its concept and approach, respects the Lied’s special character and, consequently, special set of demands.



"I feel excited to go home and apply what I learned here."

"The reason I wanted to come here was to add another layer or process to learning/singing/
performing art song, and I definitely got what I came for!"

"I know now how to approach my new repertoire! What I was able to learn really changed the way that I view singing, and I am so grateful. I will remember our work together always."

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