1. August - 28. August
Leibnitz, Austria

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The work at LAI may challenge what you presently think, change many of your artistic views, and initiate new ways and possibilities. It will lead you, as a person and an artist, to a broader and deeper scope of perception, expression and communication.

We expect openness. You should feel ready to fully immerse yourself into new artistic discoveries and experiences. You will encounter a healthy mixture within and outside of your comfort zone. We need your trust in this process. You will always be safe and supported: we are a small and personal program, where every faculty member is fully available for each individual artist and her or his needs.

LAI is the program for you, if you are willing and able to take advantage of a summer full of intense, innovative artistic work, where joy, fun and satisfaction come from genuine involvement.



"I believe that the work of art is much more important than all the interpreters . . . For me the best interpreter is the one who retreats behind the work."

- Dietrich

"I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes to the true breadth and depth of Lieder."

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