1. August - 28. August
Leibnitz, Austria

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Check out Dr. Lockemann's feature:

Lieder as Mini - Operas?

Completely revised and expanded 2/2010
Copyright 2009



Classical Singer, 2008

February 2008: Emotion in Song, Part I

March 2008: Emotion in Song, Part II
by Wolfgang Lockemann


Classical Singer, January 2007:
LIED AUSTRIA: Rediscovering Lieder
by Shannon (Postier) Strader


Classical Singer, January 2006:
Words make Music too
by Wolfgang Lockemann


"I have never met anyone as passionate about words as you are! Thank you so much for really challenging me. I truly admire what you do, and cannot thank you enough for helping me to become a more genuine singer."

"It was a blessing to experience a poem with a 'Lockemann lens' for which I am extremely grateful. You have a deep way of getting to the heart of the matter very quickly and very precisely that feels spiritual and profound."

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