July 11 - August 8,

Leibnitz, Austria

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The Application fee for LAI is 35.

This will be due along with a 700 deposit within two week of receiving your acceptance materials.

Tuition fee for LAI is 2400.

Once you have received your acceptance packet for LAI, you will have 2 weeks to pay a 700 deposit. This fee will be 100% refundable up until one month prior to the start of the program (i.e., June 11, 2018). After this date, if you choose to cancel you will be refunded 50% of the deposit. After June 26, 2018 there can be no refund whatsoever.

The remaining 1700 of the tuition will be due, along with your housing fees, upon arrival in Leibnitz on July 11.



"I feel excited to go home and apply what I learned here."

"The reason I wanted to come here was to add another layer or process to learning/singing/
performing art song, and I definitely got what I came for!"

"What I was able to learn really changed the way that I view singing, and I am so grateful. I will remember our work together always."

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