1. August - 28. August
Leibnitz, Austria

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Lied Austria International is the premier Lieder Program, offering a down to earth approach that has the potential to powerfully change how you communicate and perform. Our faculty is dedicated to your progress and personal growth.

Thanks to generous support from the City of Leibnitz, we are able to offer a tuition reduction for this summer! (We are pretty excited about this!! This means you can experience LAI for less than ever before.)

Upon acceptance you will be required to wire a600 deposit to LAI within two weeks as a means of saving your slot for the program. The rest of the tuition money will be due upon arrival in Leibnitz in August. Your housing payment will be due towards the beginning/middle of your stay. This gives you the most time possible to arrange and acquire your necessary funds.

Current Tuition: € 1950 (was €2500)

This includes all classes and private lessons and coachings associated with LAI
Including: Work with Words, Private musical lessons and coachings, private text coachings, performance classes, German Diction & Language, Performance Anxiety classes, classes on Being a Whole performer, etc

Homestay: €675
single room in Hotel/Pension: ca. € 1075
double room in Hotel Pension: ca. € 875

This summer we are offering Homestays for the first time. This is the current and accurate pricing for the Homestay option.
The Hotel/Pension prices are last session's prices. We are working on several new and better options, but we cannot negotiate the best price until we know exactly how many students will attend. This will, however, give you a guage as you plan your finances for the summer, -- and you can be sure LAI will negotiate the absolute best possible prices for you this summer.



With Lied Austria International you experience a lasting, personal
and professional transformation.

"You inspired me and made me realize why I am in this business."

"This was so great and unique! I won't ever look at my songs the same way again."

"The best thing about the program was the atmosphere for learning, for exploring Lied, for cameraderie -- Absolutely wonderful!!"

"I thought the program was superb!"

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