1. August - 28. August
Leibnitz, Austria

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Singers and Pianists!

August 1st - 28th, 2015
Leibnitz, Austria

Lied Austria International
is a summer training program for artistic advancement in Lieder Performance, set in the heart of the Styrian wine country of Austria. LAI is the perfect summer experience for singers and pianists of all levels, who want to better their performance skills and gain a deeper understanding of Lieder style and interpretation. The immersion in and intense study of language, culture, poetry and music at Lied Austria International makes for a life - and career - altering experience.


This is LAI:

Wolfgang Lockemann
Artistic Director

Tracy Brighty
Executive Director


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"Is it the words that move my heart, or is it the music?... It is vain to try to separate these two: words and music have melted into one, fused into a new whole."

Clemens Krauss/
Richard Strauss

"If you have nothing
to say to me, you have nothing to sing to me either."

Johann Michael Vogl

The first professional Schubert singer

"Right away I got the sense of how important this program is - and how important I was to the program."

– LAI Participant

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